Very Slow Order Execution

Hi, why you all have to keep button for slow and fast execution, just keep only fast execution button, who want his/her order to get executed 2-5 sec late specially in option. Please keep it simple, why to make it complex.
I like your platform very much for its features, but cannot take risk with my money.

I want to highlight one more important thing that, your front end user experience is only fast but your backend is slow need to improve your backend system.


Hi @skb

The reason we keep this, is that there are instances where users tap on the buy/sell button by mistake and take a trade they didn’t intend do. Of course, frequent users on Dhan use the Instant Order placement all the time. On web, if you will notice, based on users feedback we introduced mini ordering windows + keep instant as default option for trade execution.

Orders are sent to exchanges instantly, execution of same depends at the exchange. On order execution, we can assure you we monitor this everyday for performance and its our highest priority to ensure we provide we get you the best possible experience on Dhan. If there is a lag you feel, please write to our customer support team on and we will look into specific cases.