Watch list isn't impressive in

watch list not comfortable since it is not user friendly. What I meant is that in dhan watchlist for example if we want to check some option prices it’s extremely difficult.
because for example bank nifty 43100 call ltp chg chg%.
all these columns are extremely far away from each one which makes very difficult to see strike prices unless we drew chart to extreme left .
In trading view & fyers watch list is simply good. I want to see same watch list layout in our dhan too.I don’t think i explained the problem the way you people understood. but I tried to say the problem of the watch list in our dhan view.

so I think we can rectify watch list like this:

so please check our watch list as well as fyers watch list you will come to know which watch list is comfortable to watch & user fiendly.
Hope my suggestion is welcomed by you and make sure to rectify .
grow together

Thank you
Ram Aditya
client id :1100577631

Hi @arhanarya123, not sure if I got what you are trying to communicate. I do not have account with the platform you have mentioned , but we work very closing with TradingView teams and also ensure we have the latest libraries at all the times.

If you are referring to adjusting the columns, you can do so on Dhan’s versions of TradingView.

It doesn’t require entire scrip name, symbol is sufficient Example: SBIN, HDFCLIFE, ICICIPRULI