Watchlist issue

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Kindly look at below screenshot

11th April expiry Fin nifty is shown at bottom of list & 18th Apr Finnifty is shown at top.
Ordering of strikes should be as per date.
Nearest expiry should be at the top of watchlist & Other weekly expiries below it, followed by monthly expiry.

Kindly show nearest expiry at top of the list. Its a hassle everytime to navigate to the bottom of the list.

Note - The same issue exists with Nifty & BN strikes too in watchlist!

10-04-2023 09_42_53-Dhan - Position

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Hi @som079 ,

Good suggestion. We will let you know if we plan on implementing your request.

Additionally, I have changed the category to Feature Requests to acommodate the nature of the post.

It used to be the way I pointed out. (Nearest expiry on top)
Only since last week the order of expiries is mixed up.

Its not a “feature request”
Its a bug that broke something that was working previously.

Hi @som079

An option strike search is sorted by the volume as of now, so it will work accordingly. We have your feedback noted.