Watchlist not working properly

Hi @iamshrimohan,

Kindly check Saregama India. Scrip name in watchlist database is “Saregama India”. However, chart is showing “Saregama” only.

This is leading watchlist to go to first scrip as soon as it reaches Saregama. I have tried removing and adding back multiple times but it is not working.

@Shally ill get this checked.

Same thing is now happening with Geekay Wires. This wasn’t happening earlier. :sob: :sob:

Today Apollo Sindoori data is gone from watchlist. It is working perfectly fine.

Now, this has happened because the scrip’s name in database has been changed from “Apollo Sindoori” to “Apollo Sindoori Hotels”.

Please tell me till when this play will keep happening. Daily I have to change some names to ensure that watchlists work properly. Really sad!!!

@PravinJ @iamshrimohan


@iamshrimohan @PravinJ @Dhan @Dhan_Help can I expect a response/acknowledgement on this!

Hi @Shally apologies for missing out on this. I’ll get this checked and get back to you on this.

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Hi @Shally I could not see the issue at my end, connecting with you over DM to get on the same page.

Hi @iamshrimohan, have DMed you. Request you to please check over there. Thanks.

Kindly check Amara Raja. Name change got reflected in database but in watchlist it is still the same and thus whenever we press spacebar after reaching Amara Raja it jumps to first scrip.