Watchlist order of Scrip can not be modified

Hi Team,
Earlier we could select scrip from watchlist and change is order irrespective of when that scrip was added to watchlist. Right now I am not able to change order of scrips manually. Can you please look into this and resolve it.


Just hold the script in the watchlist and drag it to rearrange. Or go to the watchlist tab and hold & drag the doted corner to rearrange.

I am not able to do it on Macbook/Chrome browser. I can sort it using Name/Price/%Chnage but manual rearranging (drag and move) is not available.

Hi @harshad.inarkar, There is a manage / settings icon on the Watchlist section - extreme right, it is edited in the screenshot you posted, or on the watchlist section on left side, you can also find the settings icon at bottom right.

Okay it works in the Tab and Manage/setting option. But earlier it used to work in the left section of watchlist as well *drag and move scrips). Can we enable it again?

Now it started working. I can rearrange scrips in watchlist at left panel. Please mark it as resolved.