Watchlist Updates Needed

1)Kindly increase watch list limit to 20 atleast( currently its 10…)
2)Add sector divider option in watchlist (like Tradingview)
3)Add option to send script from watchlist to another watchlist with a click on mouse (like Tradingview)
4)Add NOTE section!!
5) If possible add Colour FLAG feature or something workaround


Hi @Satyam

Feedback is noted. Will evaluate few of these to our roadmap.

On #1, Dhan as the largest set of watchlist in industry allowing one to track over 1000 scripts in real-time.


thats cool… but on 1# perhaps more watchlist option would be nice… im not able to create more than 10…
Make it 15 atleast

Having large set of watchlist would be useful only if we can import scrips from Excel to watchlist, please implement this feature in urgent basis


yes, right. need to add

Uploads get very very trickly, there are no common identifiers. Some systems use Scrip Names, codes, ISINs, plain names, text fields or internal identifiers. Even if we end up making the option to upload, it will not work as expected for this simple reason and it will be super frustrating.

That aside, we know Watchlists are important and we have some thoughts on making it easy to build watchlists, manage, sort and organise.


@PravinJ @Naman this is exactly i want and Many users want & we want at the earliest. A deal breaker for me ! Only 10 watchlists are not enough for Active Traders in such a big dynamic market accross 3 exchanges ! u guys say 10x100=1000 Stocks , but atleast give 15 or 20 watchlists for 1000 or 1200 stocks, we need separate more watchlists for our different scenario , different strategy , different time view , different action ! watchlists are the Main & core thing, it directly affects one’s Profit ! plz Consider to give us 20 Watchlists (it’s okie if few watchlists with a limit of 70 or 50 & others with 100) but we need to put different things in organised way in live market & at a time of our early research ! plz plz plz request u to consider this & bring the change ASAP

Hi @Varsha777

In terms of number of watchlist & number of scrips in each watchlist, we are already better than the par in the industry. Generally, tracking 1000 scrips at a time is itself too much to comprehend. We came up this number after thorough discussion with traders and their continuous feedback. We believe there will be little value to add if we increase the number of watchlist. Still we will discuss this with our team.

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I agree that 1000 scripts are more than sufficient. But definetly we need the import function as we run the scanner and import them to further screen down. You can create your own format which works best and we can use that one to import the stocks. Anyway that being said, the plateform is superb so far I have seen.

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