Weekly & Monthly OHCL, Pivots for Option Chart


Request No. -1

GoCharting having an indicator as ‘Markers’, which shows OHCL levels of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Dhan has a similar indicator ‘Prev Day OHLC’, only for Previous day. Please add weekly and monthly OHCL with the same indicator. At least add Weekly, please.

Request - 2

In Option chart ‘Pivot Point Standard’ indicator is not working. Pivot levels are only showing with ‘CPR with Pivot Level Daily’ indicator. So it’s not possible to add Camarilla or any other pivots. Please have a look.

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Hi @Sriharsha1 - Welcome to Dhan Community.

We are already integrated with GoCharting platform, you can simply connect Dhan with that and use the indicators.

Sir, I had requested about the Indicators, not about Gocharting. Thanks for your valuable answer. What about Pivot issue in Option chart?

GoCharting live charts is available with paid plan, its not FREE.