Weekly Option Chain Analysis

Dear Team @Dhan

Request You to Kindly Bring Weekly Option chain Analysis and IVP


Hi @Gangavarapu

Weekly Options Chain is available on all Dhan platforms, including the options LEAPS. These options chain has Open Interest in absolute values and also in horizontal bar with relative strength. The vertical bar graph of Open Interest is currently available for monthly expiry, we are working to bring same for weekly expiries.

Your suggestion w.r.t. IVP is noted, we will evaluate the possibilities.


web option chain मध्ये change in OI digits मध्ये दाखवता आला तर बरं होईल, कारण जेव्हा समोरासमोर्च्या strike price च्या लाईन्स पूर्ण भरतात तेव्हा नक्की कोणत्या strike price मध्ये change in OI जास्त आहे हे व्यवस्थित समजत नाही.
त्यामुळे change in OI digits मध्ये दाखवता आला तर बरं होईल.

@Naman @RahulDeshpande @Dhan

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