Welcoming myself on behalf of fellow traders & Dhan team

Hello everyone,
Good morning. Just now opened my dhan account. Waiting for completion of verification. Hope, I am doing the right thing by opening account here before leaving Finvasia & Zerodha.


hi i am a new user to dhan have been using it for more then a week with zero problems , Dhan looks good so far .

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Hi @aritra @ADDITRADE

Warm welcome to Dhan and also to our community. We are just 10 months old, building our trading & investing platforms based on feedback & suggestions we get from our users. There is lot more to come, as we say - we keep getting better everyday. Thanks for choosing us.


@PravinJ Thank you , If we can have a better way of viewing the PNL it will be good !!

Work in progress there, we are building some of our components there.

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