What is happening in Shradha Infra Projects?

Shradha Infra Projects stock’s price got a 50% correction today. Since there is circuit filter mechanism & no information of any corporate action other than dividend payout which is also happens to be today’s date. Though I am not having any holding in the same but it’s good to know what is happening in this counter for future references.

Do you have any views on this @amit & @pavz , i believe you both actively track the markets.

Inputs will be really valuable.


Not sure, but check if there is any face value split announced.

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Okay, I got it now. Shradha has a share split tomorrow. That brings the next question.
How come price got split today?

Hi @aritra SHRADHA INFRAPROJECTS follows the T+1 settlement cycle. For the securities following T+1 settlement cycle, the ex-date and record date are deemed to be the same.