What's your view on the potential extension of market timings?

Hello traders and investors,

The extension of trading hours in the financial markets has been a topic of discussion for some time now, and it appears that the proposal is almost confirmed. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) had already approved this move in 2018.

The extension of trading hours could potentially have a significant impact on the trading and investing landscape. What’s your view on this?


As Outside Markets affect our market throughout then we should also go with trend in view of Market Hours so SGX and US 30 can’t be anymore reason for insomnia for traders. :joy:

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Extension of trading hours has it’s own advantages and disadvantages


  1. For a job goer, the advantage is that he can trade even after his job is done. Disadvantage is that he is prone to extra stress and would miss his quality time that he could spend with his family.

  2. Option decay will be lot less due to increased time. So, volatility would play huge impact …This is a negative for option traders

  3. On screen time of traders increases drastically which increases stress due to time spent on trading…

For an investor,

It’s a boon as he can have lot of time to check what market has to offer…


i feel the cash market hours should remain the same 9-3:30 but they should extend the derivatives segment trading hours which would help traders a lot…one doesn’t have to sit in front of the system all the time. one can trade according to their convenience derivatives market in US is open almost for 20-23 hrs. 5 days a week so why should we be behind. this will give traders an edge as one can go long or short depending on global market conditions instead of waiting till next day

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But not sure how stock market equity will get closed soon , but the related f &O open. Shouldn’t it go hand in hand .

Other wise this will become a pure gambling game

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Now how would it become gambling…these are two completely different instruments derivatives have an expiry they are time sensitive cash market u can hold them forever…gambling in markets basically involves taking high risk leveraged position without proper knowledge…such kind of people suffer from get rich overnight delusions such things dont happen in practical life…the only thing that happens is they lose money and this scenario can work out at any time of the day

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In the long run, long trading hours may result into more profits for Government, Exchange and Brokers, But from a trader or investor’s profitability perspective, it doesn’t change anything.

Can you be more specific about the timing regarding equity segment ???