When I have 2000 Rs around fund balance then Dhan statement showing me, I traded continuously more than 5000 Rs

I have added 2000Rs 5 June 2023
From 6th June onwards I started trading in GOLDPETAL FUT
But every time it is shown in the statement that I have traded more 5000Rs which price I never had in my fund balance

I’m attaching some screenshots below.

When I traded on the nifty option there was full clarity in the statement
(How much money was used for each trade)
Here I am attaching another screenshot where It’s clearly mentioned
One is Trade Value and another one is Executed at
So I can clearly calculate how much I paid for a trade [50 * Executed at]
But for GOLDPETAL FUT Executed at is missing. I never found what actual money I paid for each GOLDPETAL trade.

I tried to find out every possible option but I failed

  1. Dhan support Call support
  2. Chat support
  3. mail support

even I go through each and every below screenshots options (General Statement for: options)
The result is the same I found nothing.

Please Please look into this matter.

Hi @Subhajitpanja you traded in Gold Petal Future. In Gold Petal Futures you need only about 10% of margin to initiate the trade. However in options since you bought,. you need to pay the full premium.


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First time I have found someone who got my point and
trying to clear my confusion very efficiently

So want I need to know, how money involved to my each trade :thinking:

From your mentioned screen shot

Can I say 554.98 Rs money I have spent to buy GOLDPETAL AUG FUT
which FUT price was 58530

In this way I want to know that how much my money actually involved in my each trade
Like my above example

It will be clarity for myself also.
How much
money I am spending and how much money I am generating as profit or loss from a trade

Another thing if I have purchased something with 554.98 Rs and in statement says 58530 Rs
(Taking screen shot as an example)

Then it will be problematic for my Income tax return file

@Subhajitpanja No its not that complicated. Just simple thing - Derivative Trading Income is taxed flat at 30%. This does not depend on the money involved, etc. The tax is levied on the absolute PNL amount.

For example, using 500 rs you took a future contract of 5000 and you sold the same at 8000. Here your profit generated is Rs. 3000 and the charges for the trade are let us say Rs. 100. So your tax liability will be on the net profit of Rs. 3000 - 100 = 2900.

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OK fine :+1:t2:

I have last two questions.

  1. In this way, my P&L will be perfect, which is fine.But will my trunover not get affected (for ITR)?

  2. Is there any formula (or Excel formula) by which I can calculate how much money I have spent?

Suppose the future price is 5000 rupees, so10% of 5000 rupees is 500 rupees I need to pay (or have paid earlier) for a trade.

  1. No the Turnover will be sum of absolute value of profit and loss for ITR computation
  2. It will be difficult to compute and would be of no use to get the exact value. You can refer to the margin statement which shows the amount of margin utilized by you. But again you wont get any insights by using the same.
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