When we analyze the FII & DII activity in the evening

When we analyze the FII and DII activity in the evening, approximately how much percentage of the DII fund activity relates to publicly collected funds (like mutual funds) and not related to private wealth funds?

Just an approximation would be sufficient.

Anyone familiar with the macro stats, please be kind to share. Thanks

Again a very interesting question, I am tagging few community members who I believe have really good knowledge on the FIIs, DIIs part.

Please do provide your insights: @JayG @amit @pavz @gegobyte @PiyushChaudhry

Hi Pulasate_half441
Simply put, Institutional Investment is primarily an Investment done by the institutions such as banks, insurance companies, mutual fund houses, in the financial assets of a country (at times, also in real assets).
The funds which these institutions use to invest are primarily the pooled funds or publicly collected funds. It is safe to assume that a large percentage of it say 80% or more belong to pooled funds category.

Jay Gupta

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