When will Bankex and Sensex 30 will be available for trading

Bankex and Sensex30 option chain

Hi @Eaknath, We are evaluating this - it’s bit early however tracking the volumes on BANKEX and SENSEX30 both.

Zerodha guys just did. Please add these for an additional dose of expiry day action.

We will keep a watch on its traction. For now we continue to improve our core performance of trading systems and make things faster for now + focussing on our existing to-do list.

Too much to ship on the plate at this moment.


Please improve the tax pnl statements also along with introduction of sensex options

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Hi @Hiya,

We are continuously improving our P&L experience and have updated it recently. Also, you can send your
suggestions to us on feedback@dhan.co

Zerodha has just implemented this and the liquidity and price movement seems to be very fine. When can we expect this from Dhan ?

hi @pritamdas

Here is data for today: Futures and Options | Derivatives Market Summary | BSE

Total number of contracts traded on expiry day (friday) for BSE is: 2,78,341.

While, on NSE for its expiry day for FINNIFTY, options contracts traded on this Tuesday were 274,189,924 and for NIFTY & BANK NIFTY on this Thursday were 439,675,009. We are tracking this, and will keep evaluating this.

Mr @PravinJ

Sensex options expiry turnover:
Yesterday : 65 cr
Today: 17000 cr
Hope the expiry volume is good enough
Going forward i guess this is going to be outperforming nifty

Also number of Brokers who enabled derivatives was one or two

Considering above scenario volume we got on today 1st expiry is good :100:

Very true quite impressive volume and price movement considering the amount of brokers have enabled sensex derivative. I feel since zerodha has a huge user base was the reason of volume we saw.

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