Where is Sync Drawings on Chart?

Where is Sync Drawings on Chart?

We want to enable or disable Sync Drawings at will, but I can’t find it on charts.

Pls understand that this is important for a day trader as most of the time i don’t want small time frame drawing show on larger time frame to avoid the clutter.

Also larger TF drawing marking remain their for entire day but smaller TF chart drawing trader keep changing,
That is why sync on/off control is very essential for a an intraday trader.

Pl enable it.

Hi @RajeshK

Completely understood your requirement, and we will surely share the feedback with our team.

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Thankyou for understanding my concern and replying.

Is there a time line to implement these inputs or it will be done on yearly basis ( as and when the platform get updated)

I am asking this as a lot of replies on the community page is on these lines.

When these will be implemented is never been shared.

@Simran This is very simple to implement. Every other broker has it integrated on their charts.

Any timeline to get this implementation done, would be really appreciated.

Hi @RajeshK

Thanks for sharing the feedback.

We regularly update our platforms and surely will incorporate your suggestions also in our next set of release. Be assure, we want to deliver best of the experience.

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Thankyou for the reply.
Though still not replied on timeline. :slightly_smiling_face:

We can’t commit on the timeline to be honest @RajeshK reason being there are tons of features we work on different platforms, hence we keep a tab on all the feature requests and suggestions and let users know if its implemented. Similarly, if we plan on implementing your recommended suggestion of giving user the option to sync on/off the drawings, we will surely let you know.

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Thank you for your reply @RahulDeshpande

Although i feel discouraged to give any more feedbacks. but still i will say that you guys need to categorize the feedbacks and prioritize the resolutions accordingly.

Priority 1) Bugs
2) Features which should be there in the first place but somehow got missed in your implementation.
3) Order or P/L related features Money comes above all.
4) Then the platform improvements and other paraphernalia comes into play

Also want to mention that pls check with your revenue team which of your platform generates more money that plafrom should be prioritize from the above priorities.

Any update on this would be appreciated.

Hi @RajeshK ,

I would like to highlight there are internal processes setup focusing on solving the bugs and implementing the feedbacks and suggestions.

We acknowledge your inputs.

Thank you for the update @RahulDeshpande