Why does api-scrip-master csv has the last expiry instruments as well?

This has broken my automation.

Unbale to fetch the correct expiry.

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Hello @sugam192

Thanks for highlighting this. This shouldn’t be the case and we will handle this scenario at our end where expired contracts are removed as earlier.

@Hardik Well this is the case today and because of this my bot failed as I had the logic to sort the expiry in ascending order and pick the top one.

Any reason why this was not updated?

Also the error from the order placement api is very vague and offers no help.


“todo mandatory fields is not at all helpful error”.

at least the error response should say which field is going wrong, I had to debug this to figure out that the expiry field is not correct due to which the order failed.
And digging a little more I figured that its because of the api-scrip-master csv

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is this taken care of? or should I expect another failure tomorrow?

This is not fixed, the details from last expiry are still present.
I feel you guys did not update the sheet this week or have mistakenly re uploaded the same sheet which was used previous week.

Any hopes if this can be fixed? along with all the other issues circling with Dhan lately?
Or should we seriously consider to move on with a new decent broker, as this is shear carelessness from Dhan.

If you guys just can’t update one csv sheet properly what else should we expect?

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Hello @sugam192

Yes, this is noted and we will deploy fix for this. As you may know, expired contracts were not earlier included in the Security Master, however, with changes to structure in the original Scrip Master, we now have to update the logic to filter this as well.

This is something which can be handled at your end for the time being. Meanwhile, I will update you as soon as this is fixed, as we will have to do some filteration changes at our end to fix this.