Why does dhan mobile app and web portal give different information, the user experience should be uniform across devices

My Bot placed the orders today and for the stop loss orders I see that there was difference in prices for same orders on web portal and mobile app.

Refer screenshots below:

Web Portal orders:

Same orders on the mobile app

When looking at sl orders on mobile it gives you a sense that the price set for the orders is wrong.

After a little investigation I understood that its displaying the order placement price and not the trigger price on app.

at least it should say what price is being displayed to avoid confusion, or just show the trigger price.

What it currently shows is this

price and just below that its written trigger pending, it gives a sense that the order will trigger at this price which is not true as the price being displayed is the order price and not the trigger price.

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Hello @sugam192

Thanks for highlighting this. I understand this has nothing to do with which source the order is placed (in this case API), and rather how we show SL orders in the order screen.

We have noted and will fix this in the coming builds.

Thanks Hardik, I appreciate you taking note of it.
any tentative timelines?

Hello @sugam192

Not yet. But we plan to release this soon as this will be a small enhancement.