Why is forever order on the sell side only available for fno segment?

What about us equity traders? I was eagerly waiting for forever order but was disappointed to learn that it was only available for fno segment, and also i dont understand why? Forever order is mostly used by swing traders who trade in equity and investors who want to protect their portfolio, fno traders are mostly scalpers and day traders, forever orders or gtt are mostly used by us, if forever order doesn’t come for equity i wont trade with dhan

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Hi @Yash0301

Forever Orders will are not being extended to Equity segment because of EDIS requirement on selling. These are regulatory restrictions, for which the feature is not available on this segment.

Then how come brokers like zerodha offer it? Also we can do edis approval beforehand every morning so that sell order can go through without any problems. Sad to see forever orders not coming to dhan, this means i wont be trading on it as i can never let an outstanding position without a protective stop.

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Go read this

Clarifying this again, can we build feature for Forever Orders on equity side - Yes. The reason it’s not available is because of regulations. Old accounts on other platforms have this feature because of old PoA they have given to Stock Broker, same will be replaced by DDPI going forward.

Best possible experience at this time what you can get.

  1. Set Price Alerts for your expected stocks.
  2. Sell stocks when the alert is received.

Suggestion to enable Forever Orders and with a view that user will put authorization everyday, isn’t feasible to implement. It won’t work for most of users. In event a user misses putting authorization, we will be penalised for sending order to exchange without user-authorization. Exchange systems are complex and work very differently.

At no point we intend to cut corners with regulations or enabling transactions without user consent & authorization.


Agree with @PravinJ here, I mean even tho we want sell-side forever orders, and really keen users like @Yash0301 can do e-dis verification every day, we can only speak for ourself and not for others.
A good idea I feel is to work around baskets and draft orders and push the orders ourselves when we do the e-dis verification.

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After introduction of DDPI. Will you allow FOREVER SELL orders for the users who will sign DDPI that is same as POA ? I think a system can be developed in which only the user signed with DDPI will be allowed to put a forever sell order. So your concern on being “penalized for sending order to exchange without user-authorization” can be taken care of. Can you confirm on this?

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Hi @cricdev

Welcome to Dhan community. Yes, we will evaluate adding DDPI for seamless selling experience first without EDIS and then introduce forever orders for those who have DDPI enabled.

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Dear @PravinJ

Why Not Provide Like This For Dilivery Sell Side Gtt Order
Upstox send Daily Notification
And in holdings notification
For cdsl authorisation

If authorisation complete then gtt order trigger else not

You can also provide same

And if possible then gtt sell side with trailing stoploss then your gtt features create history


Dear @PravinJ


Dear @PravinJ


I’ve said the same thing to them and created several posts but it was of no use, eventually i decided to stop using dhan altogether and switch to a different platform which offers gtt orders for equity delivery on sell side.

I think they responded that they can create such a system but they don’t want to run into trouble with regulators or exchange becuase if one day someone forgets to authorize the transactions and a sell order gets triggered it wont be executed, or a short position can be executed since their system doesn’t check if you have the stock in delivery

I’ve also pointed out that almost every major broker is offering sell side gtt and why aren’t they concerned about regulation or why aren’t they worrying about running into trouble?
But dhan still dont want to offer it, i think @PravinJ or someone else from dhan team will simply reply that they are waiting for clarification from sebi regarding DDPI and then they will consider whether to offer sell gtt. They also claimed that other brokers who offered gtt were able to do so becuase clients submitted poa which is about to get replaced, but I never submitted poa and still im able to place sell side gtt order, i simply need to do authorization everyday. Either they are unaware and ignorant or they are lying. Why is dhan the only broker worrying about regulators ?

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Noted. In my opinion, this isn’t very efficient way to solve this. And we never start over product solving / building approach by looking at how others are doing it.

It’s on our things to solve for, and we will look at the options.

disagree, this is a very great way through which you can provide us gtt orders,
Also it is not wrong to look at how others have done it, no need to waste time or try to reinvent the wheel. I think by not listening to your clients/users you will really harm yourself in the long run, the reason I and many others left fyers was that we would request a feature or report a problem but instead of working on it, their team would do what they think was right, and they would delay working on fixing bugs and providing the requested features because they had their own “plan” or “roadmap”, why do you think that people will waste time waiting on your platform for you to provide features and fix problems when many other options which already have these features and solutions are out there?
I still think dhan has the best platforms out there and I was really hyped and excited about your products, that’s why i wrote many feedbacks and posts if you remember by spending hours, And if dhan brings gtt order for equity then I’ll come back on to your platform, Make it happen please @PravinJ

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Dear @PravinJ
Ok Pravin Sir

As you wish

I am not forcing for any features
Dhan is Your Products so you can decide what can develop or not

I Suggest Only

By Dhan

We welcome our feedback and suggestions, the experience has only improved and continues to based on what all such interactions.

Do you started accepting DDPI application from existing users?

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What about the people who have given POA or eDIS Status is made active.

This feature should be made active. Alert message can be set that Sell order shall not be placed if eDIS status is not set active.

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@PravinJ At the outset, bravo to your entire team. You have achived so much in a short period of time.

2nd I like the Interface, It is very neat and clean and hope you will not clutter is much. Kudos to product design team.

Having said that, I do have the same pain area as per above discussion. I really like the plateform but at the same side GTT for Sell is important to manage the risk for those who are not really active all the time in the market. Still if the GTT is not possible, alerts are not that much efficient. Only push notification, No browser notification, also no email notification. If you can improve the alerts where we can get them through multichannel like web browser and email or SMS, that would be great and it will give us some confident to put the money in the plateform and start stock trading those are swing trader and have positions from few days to months.

Thanks, I hope not asking much.

Hi @nx.vijay ,

Thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate it and makes us put more efforts in building a product that will enhance the experience for all the traders and investors in India.

Forever orders and OCO is currently available for Futures & Options, we have not extended it to equity because we have EDIS based TPin system in place, which is a safer alternative to protecting the equities in your Demat account. We have already started working on DDPI implementation which will help us in bringing forever orders on the sell side as well.

For the alerts system, we are working on enhancing it but we believe that spamming users across all the platforms with alerts will act as an anxiety trigger or just over burden on the mental front. That’s why we have provided a feature which from where you can get all the alerts that are triggered till now in one place. Be assured that, we have noted your feedback on alerting users through web notification, email notifications or SMS.

Keep contributing to the Dhan community.