Wrong indicator levels

can you please chk this, I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or dhan tv is behaving wired .
I plot pivot on copper Jul fut. it draws the same level of pivot on Thu and Friday, and wrong levels on Monday.

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Hi @HIR ,

Thanks for highlighting this. We are getting it checked.

any update? i think the issue is still not solved

Hi @HIR ,

We are on it. Will surely update once its fixed.

It’s been a long time now, any update?

Hi @HIR ,

We are on it, will surely let you know once it’s done.

Yes, There are many charting issues in Dhan Tradingview like I noticed on 12 sep 22 Crude futures 5 min chart…CPR is plotting wrong and giving wrong interpretation.

Volumes are also different like on same day 1st 5min candle volume.

Hi @abhayverma071

There was an intermittent issue on 12 Sep in Crude Futures Chart for a brief period. We had deployed the fixed same day.

For the data sets on charts in first minutes of market opening often appears wrong or different because the the charts starts building on the user device and there is a strong case that data packets may lose while transmitting and in turn makes different chart or volume. The solution for this is to simply refresh the browser page, because we save those data sets at our end in servers and all the candles or data sets on charts are plotted as it is stored in server, which in all its probability is correct.

Will be soon sharing a detailed post on this topic.

Hope this help!

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That lagging is only in Dhan , have not seen in any other broker’s chart.
Try to invest on Charts first rather fancy not useful features.

same opinion. They’re busy organising new meet up and wasting money on twitter ads.

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Their play store raiting has also gone down from 4.6 to 4.1
Their fancy features are half baked and just to get attention. Not focusing on basis usefull features like better profit loss statement, Tax report.
Charts have lot of issues pivot point not loading everytime, lag in switching scripts.

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Yes, you catch right, their Backoffice is also not comprehensive and lacks many details.
Dhan should see Zerodha’s work.