Zero liquidity in ban F&O stock options

Hello!!! Everyone few days back I purchased BHEL Call options and today I’m not able to sell , because the stock is in ban list through exchangeAnd the liquidity went to zero But it have 1,50,000 open internet
Q.1 How long does the ban with remain unchanged
Q.2 what should I do if ban was not lifted till expiry

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Hi @Bhavesh360

Welcome to the Dhan Community,

During the ban period, no new positions can be opened for any stock F&O contracts. However, it is permitted to exit existing open positions. The stock can still be traded in the cash segment.

When the open interest of any stock F&O contracts surpasses 95% of the Market Wide Positions Limits (MWPL), the contracts enter the ban period. The ban is lifted only when the open interest drops below 80%.

For further concerns please drop an email at our support

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