add new indicator

Why don’t you put “UT BOT” indicator’s in your application which is available as free trading view application and very effective indicator ?

Hi @Malay welcome to Dhan community!

TradingView does not extend few of its features like community script, bar replay, etc. to its partners and keep exclusive only for its product.

You can directly connect Dhan via as of now to access community scripts as per your plan.

Hi, I am new and request you to please clear a few doubts.
1- In TradingView, can we get chart of a particular trade for example- if I want to see the chart of BANKNIFTY 24 AUGUST 44000 PE then how can i see that?
2- When I open the Dhan chart for the same trade, I do not get the UT Bot and Nadayara Watson etc.
Is there any way that I can get these indicators in Dhan chart or in Trading View chart for a particluar trade?

Instead use EMA 9, almost similar values.