Add NSEFO segment in trading View terminal

Hey team Dhan, Glad to see the indices section in trading View terminal of dhan. But if you add these features it will be helpful.

  1. In indices let say Nifty IT . When I click that it is showing me all the stocks under that. And i can easily select and analyse. But in that there should be an option of Nifty IT itself. So that I can analyse the sector by opening it’s graph.

  2. In indices there is NSE and BSE segment. Just add NSEFO also. I mean Near futures ,Next Futures,Far futures. Under that all the listed Stock futures company will be showing.
    If this segment is added to the platform it gives an additional edge if someone wants to trade in future by analysing that. Please consider this two features.
    @Naman @PravinJ


Hi @nimankumar ,

  1. Good suggestion. We will surely evaluate & try to bring a solution enabling Nifty IT to open directly.

  2. Again a valid suggestion. We will surely evaluate to bring it to the platform. Just to add it in here, we
    provide a separate page in the Options Trader App named ‘Fast Discover for Futures Trading’. You can easily access Index Futures, Stock Futures, OI Gainers, OI Losers and much directly. Do try it out.

Hope this helps.

In option trader app it is there again in that only top traded stocks are present. If you add in trading view terminal it is much easier to get all in one place. And add all futures stock . So that we can analyse from that.