Automatic LOTS calculator for options trading

This can be a revolutionary feature , every fno trader badly misses .
Options trading , which has to be quick . I trade with one fifth of my capital everyday. Say 50,000 per trade .
I don’t want to manually calculate number of lots that i can buy or sell with 50,000 rs, so i want feature that can automatically fills how many lots i can buy with 50000 rs.

Here this feature automatically put 6 lots in lots section ( 50000% (320 X 25) = 6.25 that’s roundoff 6. Should be nearest smaller whole no. to calculated lots .

Very helpful specially for big amount . Will save lot of time and headache .
Here we can manually change amount with even default option next time.


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Even the amount in rupees should be editable prior to trade with default option .

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Hi @Dhantrader

Thanks for your suggestion, indeed a unique suggestion however this may be relevant to a few users and may not be relevant to all.

Additionally, this also comes very close to - Dhan as a platform recommending its users to overtrade. Example, for most users - when they have, lets say a 1 Lac rupees in their account, we cannot assume they want to take the max of that for their next trade. Also many users on Dhan carry their positions ahead, so margin requirements may change as markets change.

Feedback noted however, we will see how we can include this on Dhan experience and make this seamless.

A separate enable disable button can be provided so those who want to use this feature can enable this .
Scalping will be easy with this feature specially for option buyers .
Calculator work will be avoided with this feature
It will prevent overtrading by calculating lots only with some small part of total Trading amount . Like 1/5th of money in trading amount .

Thanks .