Basket order window refinements

Hello Dhan Team,

@PravinJ @Naman

  1. In the TV basket order, there is no way to rearrange stikes to maintain the margin.
  2. And instead of overall margin, you need to write Required margin.
  3. Web window clearly shows Margin with red colour, whereas there is no such indication in TV basket,

Here need to show the available margin, as shown in Web order,

Also, If possible basket should not execute if there not margin available, today I kept a basket and it executed one leg and other rejected because of margin issue,

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Yes Pj and Naman… Please give the user a way such that if the 1st leg is successful then execute the second leg so on as so forth . In this way we can avoid margin issue. Also, if you can allow drag and drop strike prices as per user preference is his order of preference that would be great

Also while deleting the script from the basket, it quite irritating to ask confirmation from the users whether he want to delete. Imagine if an user add 5-6 scripts in basket and wants to delete then he will be popped up with 5-6 confirmation pop up, which is quite frustrating.

Yes , Reconfirmation in Basket is a Headache and Clearly Not needed.

Place button after each leg is also an excellent idea :ok_hand:

Hi @Jigar @ngbhat @Gangavarapu

All your feedbacks are noted. TV comes with its own challenges, but will definitely try to incorporate your suggestions.

Valid feedback for deleting the order from basket.

Its been since Sep 22 regarding a simple request regarding repeated pop ups thrown to users while deleting every single script from the basket. Please remove the conifmation pop ups while deleteing the script from basket as they are simply waste of time and irritating to users


Even I feel annoyed for the same

Feedback noted @laxman @ngbhat

Its been 2 weeks…Can anyone please look in to it for an simple change. Hardly takes a minute to do the code change.