Brokerage plan for scalpers

Hello Dhan Team,

You are the team which is getting Dhan to next levels by adding more and more features which a trader needs. Kudos.

We know there are tons on scaplers in market, can you come up with some brokerage plan, say some fixed amount for month for unlimited trades, that would make great.

A great system with super scalping plan.

@PravinJ @Naman



Hi @Jigar

Thanks for the kind words. You know by now that it takes a ton of effort for a technology led broker like us to build, maintain and manage it systems and we continue to invest lots of money, time and resources in make Dhan better every day. For now, we have no such plans. I know there are a lots of scalpers in market out there - may be we will evaluate this at some point.

Btw, I wrong a long post in my blog recently on what’s happening in Stock Broking industry and also mentioned on what happens behind the scene with a special mention for pricing. You may read it here, long read - will take 5-8 minutes: Stock Broking Industry: Some perspective on Pricing / Brokerage & Way Forward | being practical