Bug - Order Placement and Modification

Hi Team Dhan,

I experienced a problem on the Dhan Web platform today during Muhurat trading and captured the same as a video to share with you. I placed an Options Buy order and expected it to execute as it is a Market Price order. To my surprise, it did not execute and remained as a pending order. So, I decided to manually cancel the order and clicked on the ‘Cancel’ button and received a message saying, “Order is sent to exchange”. But the pending order is not cancelled and still exists in Order tab (screenshot below)

I Neither lost any money nor the pending order impacted my trading. But I wanted to bring this to your notice just to ensure that our Dhan systems and servers are good enough to handle huge loads on special days like today.

I have captured the issue as a video but did not find any option here to upload. So, sent as an attachment in a separate email to Dhan Help.

Thank you and Happy Diwali,

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Hi Ravi, will go through this with Customer Service team and check.

Hi Pravin,

Thank you for quick response. Please note that my intent to share this issue with you is just to alert you and make our systems more robust (if in case this bug is related to any server load issue by any chance) :slight_smile:

Look into this issue only after resolving other priority things, I have no urgency.


No worries, we are building stuff and want to ensure we look at all individual issues and suggestions to build a better trading & investing platform. Also, on worries on server loads etc, we are very very well managed on this… have multiple servers, load balancers, and connections we have… possibly more better than 10x larger players than us. No cutting corners on such things, customer experience is important for us.