Can we trade in Commodities directly from TradingView website?

As mentioned in the title, I was looking for ways to trade in Crude Oil and other MCX commodities directly from as I have Pro subscription there as well and using customized pinescripts. But unfortunately, it says “Non-tradable symbol”. When can we have commodities in TradingView website to trade with Dhan directly from its chart?

Hello, can we place MTF orders on trading view?

Hi @Sekav, welcome to Dhan community. At this time, trading integrations on TradingView are limited to NSE (Cash & Futures) only. We don’t have any update from TradingView on this - if it will be available anytime in future, we will integrate the same.

If you have your custom trading pinescripts, suggest you to use webhooks that Dhan provides for free to execute your transactions or trade on or via Dhan apps. We try to ensure that our TradingView libraries are always up to date.

Hi @Karthik, at this moment MTF orders are available on Dhan App, Web and API. These are not available over TradingView.

Thanks for responding and I will be waiting for that feature to be available as I mostly trade in commodities. However, as you have suggested the use of webhooks through which we can execute our trades, can you please confirm whether that will work on Crude Oil Mini future contracts or any other commodity on MCX?