Chart Error found in some stocks/index

Chart errors observed DLF Montly & Weeklt Time frame

Nifty Financial Index missing historical data

hi @AFDC102385, could you explain what is the error on the DLF one? FIN NIFTY data on Dhan is available from Feb 2022 at this moment.

@PravinJ Prior 2014 , you can observe lower wicks on candle & each candle low is till 130 levels which is not the case. Below is the snapshot of trading view chart for reference.

For Fin Nifty : can we foresee updated data later?

Hi @AFDC102385

We are getting this checked with our concern team and will keep you posted.

Hi Sandeep @AFDC102385

The Monthly/Weekly DLF charts are updated now. Thanks for highlighting.

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hey @AFDC102385, we have updated FINNIFTY historical data as well. Do check and confirm. Thank you

Thank you! Appreciate speedy response

Most welcome, thanks for bringing that to our notice. We have seen huge interest in FINNIFTY trading recently, incomplete charts is a deal-breaker. Without your comment we would never have known.