Chart on Account Value

Please provide an OHLC chart implementation to the personal account value (both invested value and cash_reserve together or seperately as an option) in the trader statistics/diary page.

This will also help do some price action to own account value over a long period of time… :wink:

(knowing elliott, I will know when is the law of averages or waves of corrections to hit my own account :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you

@Dhan @Dhan_Help @PravinJ please help implement this

Haha, noted this. OHLC will be too much, simple line graph is something we will look at.

thanks @PravinJ … it definitely helps to have that OHLC for seperate price action study and if it helps, having an hourly note of an account value should be very very micro cheap compared to all that data is already being stored and accounted for, so I will request for an OHLC :slight_smile: but nevertheless I appreciate that you do see the benefit of this for the traders’ long journey with Dhan.
Will it be first among Indian brokers? :thinking: