Charts are not Adjusted to dividends and other corporate actions


I recently shifted to Dhan because of Tradingview which Dhan is providing.

But I’m really disappointed to see that the charts provided are not Adjusted chart to dividends (and other corporate actions)

No point in your other features if prices on charts are Incorrect and wrong.

I mean the whole analysis becomes incorrect.


Also ITC



At Dhan nobody has time to address my problem? Its been 3days i have posted this query.
How can one do analysis with the Incorrect charts provided by Dhan tradingview? where price on charts are not adjusted and there is nowhere an option to enable adjusted chart.

Hi @Kaushik

We had received your email as well and have shared the resolution on email.

The chart details for ITC and COAL are reflecting correct. For BEL, we will adjust the chart data with the corporate action by EOD.

Charts are very bad…you guys need to do something about it.
See This chart of NMDC…its Incorrect.

Stop updating other features and first try to give Correct Data.
How can one analyze and trade incorrect charts?


Hi @Kaushik

As of now in Spinoff/Demerger corporate action, the charts are adjusted for daily & higher time frames; for lower time frames (below daily) we have noted your feedback.

plz resolve it as soon as possible @Sameet