Dark Theme on web needs some updates

Hi @Dhan team,

I use dark theme extensively and few things have become a bit annoying now.

  1. The instant margin on money page is not readable at all

  2. when user is on watchlist, user can clearly see at which tab the user currently is, i.e,


here, you can tell the user is of FnO tab. but when you are managing your active positions, there is no way to know which tab is currently selected leading to execution errors, i.em

Can you tell easily which tab is selected here?

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Yes, this is work in progress. We will have this updated soon.


Hi @PravinJ ,

One small request on UI,

if possible please make use of Red :heart: and Green :green_heart: colours judiciously in the UI.


PS: Green colour everywhere on UI doesn’t increase the profits.


Yes, we will update the dark theme.

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