Dhan tv chart open candle bug

hello @PravinJ
I have noticed in mcx that the open high/low of the 1st bar doesn’t match to exchange data. I have passed Dhan’s tv chart and fyers tv chart. fyers tv chart compares the exact high and low of exchange but not dhan’s.
Dhan chart

fyers chart

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Inaccurate data is crime!


Ya, all levels in the market depend on data only.

you don’t have bracket order in mcx?

today also same data issue,


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man this is so strange as I have pointed out one of the biggest bugs in your tv platform but it’s been 2 days and still no reply on the issue. data printing on chart is the most important thing in any charting problem. I hope you guys get serious about this.

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Hey @HIR,

Not much, just two months…



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Hi @HIR, Our teams look at all reported issues. Already having this checked.

This was different one, and resolved as well.

any timeline by which this issue will be solved?
because I hope you understand all indicators on the chart will show wrong levels unless this open/high/low of the first bar is correct.

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Any update??