Dhan TV - Missing Open Position When Partial Order Executed

Hey @PravinJ @Dhan_Help ,

Today, I had placed 100 qty limit order but only 57 qty got executed due to fast movement in the script. Though there was partial order filled, the chart didn’t show the open position. I couldn’t close position on time to book the profits. Finally, I had to go to Dhan Web to square off the open position.

I would not like to have such shocking experience again, please look into this and fix it at high priority.

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We have highlighted this to our team and will get back to you.

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Thanks for highlighting this and we have understood this case.


Hey @Dhan_Help ,

On the same lines of partially executed orders, it shows incorrect pending order qty and hides it after sometime.

Can you please investigate and fix this?

I had placed order of 50 qty and 10 got executed, but chart shows 30 pending qty.

After sometime it shows 10 as open position but it hides the pending qty of 30.

We will replicate the same from our end.