Dhan Web - Default Order Type Checkbox

Hey @PravinJ ,

Does Set as default order type checkbox also sets the default product type i.e. Trading or Normal?

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It doesn’t. It would be good if the default order type check box sets - the Order type, Quantity and Trading / Normal fields.

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Curious to know here, I believe mostly everyday trading strategies differ, so having the Order Type, Quanity, and other fields pre set won’t take extra effort everyday ?

Looking forward to know your thoughts on this.

Qty may depend on the script or strategy (x amount).

One account may be used for only one strategy, to keep the account clean and easy to understand.

For me and fellow traders strategy is same everyday. We use the same quantity and order types to set baskets (total 7 baskets per day) for auto trading via tradingview webhook. So it would be good if it can be saved so that we don’t have to repeat the same thing over and over.

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Hi @9850091391,

At this moment, you can set default order type in app & web. We have noted your feedback on default product type (Intraday/ Delivery).

Just to add, default product type is available on tv.dhan.co from user settings at the top of chart.