Dhan's annual statements do not have buy/sell dates

Hey @PravinJ @Anirudha

Just want to highlight that the annual account statements provided by Dhan don’t have the buy/sell dates for any of the transactions. I downloaded the P&L report, Tax Statement, as well as the Annual Global Statement, and these details are missing in all three.

My CA is not willing to accept the Dhan statements, saying this will raise IT dept scrutiny. I’m not sure how the Dhan team overlooked this- buy & sell date details are fairly basic, and every other broker gives these details.


Hi @Rajiv ,

Request you to please drop an email with the statement you have received at feedback@dhan.co. Will send you all the required statements from our system.

Hi @Rajiv

Meanwhile (to be double sure) we also did a quick check with statements provided on other platforms, we provide more or less the similar information as others, the transactions reflect are those for the period selected.

Noted your feedback to include dates in statements, we will incorporate them.

Got tax PNL statements from 4 different brokers for various accounts in my family, all 3 other statements had buy & sell dates in the tax PNL statement, only faced this issue with Dhan :slight_smile:

In any case, thanks much for taking note of my concern. Look forward to the updated statements!