Exit all - error

Hi @Dhan_Help

Selecting the all option checkbox doesn’t select all positions. This happens on the latest version of mobile app.

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Hi @t7support,

Seems this was an intermittent connectivity scenario. Based on your order history seems you were able to use this feature later on.

At the same time, thanks for highlighting it. We will share this with our team.

No. Yesterday also i saw this. Even now there is this problem.

I manually selected all four legs and executed.

Hi @t7support

We will have this checked once with our concern team.

Dhan Help

Hi @Dhan_Help

When can I expect a fix for this ? Please ket me know.

@t7support it will get fixed in the next builds

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Hi @t7support, by any chance, was any of these a Trailing SL order?

No. These were just open positions I was trying to exit from positions tab in one go which means these will be placed as market orders. Even now it is behaving the same. See this