Guess Market game setting

Dear App Support Team,

        I am writing to express my frustration regarding an issue I am experiencing with your app. Despite turning off the "Guess Market Game" setting in the app, I am still receiving pop-ups for it.

        As a user of your app, I expect it to function properly and not cause unnecessary interruptions. I hope that you can resolve this issue as soon as possible to provide a better user experience.
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Hi @crypvjs

Request you to help us with your registered details via DM or at, so we can have this checked. In the meantime, you may check if your app is updated to the latest build v1.0.34

My app is updated to the said version.

Hi @crypvjs

We have received your details via DM and have forwarded your case to our team, will update you soon.

Hi @crypvjs

We checked and found that it is turned-off at our end, request you to clear the cache and check the Market Games setting once.