Help to Cut losses ,help to stop over training

New feature requests: kill switch which will happens automatically after certain limit of pre defined profit and loss also it will square off all the open position in intraday at one go.

Basically suggestion for intraday traders who do very much overriding ,not able to control emotions in market i thik it will help to many trader like this categories…it will avoids over trading, excess loss

what if market hits your sl or ur defined loss and goes back to your target again build your psychology this thing cant stop your from trading usually overtrading happens when spike comes and you have oversize position then you try to capture smallest movement possible just stay committed to yourself that you will place only two orders in a day that’s it and your plan seems wrong in the first sentence itself
there is nothing like predefined loss there is only small loss and let the winners run never set target for profits exit at trailing sl

Hi @Chandan0929 we have trader’s controls on Dhan with a Kill Switch. Available on Dhan App & Web. Read more on this here - Now Live: Now Trade Better on Dhan with Trader's Controls

Detailed video for the same :point_down: