How to take order entry/exit automatic using Pinescript+tradeview+Dhan

Looking for support on how to take order entry/exit automatic using Pinescript+tradeview+Dhan

Hello @sngg

You can use Dhan Webhooks for TradingView - here which can help you bridge Pinescript and Dhan, and place orders as per your strategy directly.

We are coming up with an update to this as well, so stay tuned as this update will enable trading in any segment seamlessly, via Dhan Webhooks.

hi , Tried alert and buysell orders using Pinescript & added this alert entry in “Alert” notification and action in Tradeview chart for Dhan entry. Alert signal is generated and not able to get entry and exit in DHAN. kindly help

Hello @sngg

Would require more information here to look in. Which particular method did you add in Pinescript and the generated alert message would help.

Hi , I have added pinescript sample below for a buysignal , Pineeditor

strategy.entry (“Long”, strategy.long, 1, when = buySignal, qty = 1000)
strategy.exit (“Exit Long”, from_entry= “Long”, profit = 2000)

Then under “Strategy Tester” in Tradeview, selected alert , below message got created in “ALERT” message box.

order {{strategy.order.action}} @ {{strategy.order.contracts}} filled on {{ticker}}. New strategy position is {{strategy.position_size}}

Alert is triggerred, but not taking entry/exit at DHAN…

Hi , Kindly confirm on this query