How to unpledge my holdings

On 25 April I have sold NCDs worth 15,607 Rs. On 26 April I have bought NCDs worth 15,060 Rs. Today I got a maii that my NCDs are pledged. What should I do now to unpledge.

Hi @Nagasahitya Welcome to Dhan community.

I am assuming that there is unpaid securities and the new process of CUSPA is triggered, for that more is mentioned here: New: (CUSPA) Change in the process of handling Unpaid Securities

Incase you have pledge the securities yourself, then in Dhan Mobile App or on Web, move to the Money section and see the ‘Get Margin Benefit’ just below the Add Funds section, you can see your pledged securities, and from there you can unpledge.

For further details specific to your account, please write to us on

I have not pledged anything in Dhan app or dhan web. Can you please tell me now what to do.

This may be as result of unpaid securities. Do connect with @Dhan_Help on, will have this resolved.