I want to make auto trailing algo to cost to cost

I Want to make auto trailing algo for my trade’s entry price, if certain specified points are achieved, but I will punch my order manually.
Is it possible? Can we merge auto + manual kind of algo?

Hi @amit001 Welcome to Dhan community. Well, as a platform we focused on providing an execution service, so can’t comment on giving a trade advice.

Seems like @t7support trades on line what what you are seeking advice on. Looping in him for that.

@amit001 I am bit hazy about u r question. U mean to say that you enter an order manually but you want an auto trail order to your entry price if the security moves in your direction ? If so you can use the auto trailing feature in Dhan. The thing to note is that it keeps trailing if security keeps moving in your direction. If you want a trail only to your entry price I guess you will have to code it using Dhan API.

My entries and exits are automatic for option buying strategies (TV to Dhan via webhook) For certain sell strategies on expiry day entries and exits are manual. For commodity mostly manual trailing stop and reverse limit orders.


sorry there was typo in my question which had make it unclear, @t7support you understood it clearly.

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No probs. Happy to help…