Incomplete Year end Tax Reports

Basic data such as the following which is required for tax computation is not available in the tax report. This is seriously hampering our tax filing compliance.

Purchase date
Sale date
Dividend along with respective dates
STT, brokerage, stamp duty, GST, etc.

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@Dhan_Help @PravinJ

We need a better backoffice experience. We would like a PNL and Tax report to have everything needed for filling taxes with out any errors. Please support.

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Yes, for example in zerodha they provide very nice layout in excel which are required for filing ITR, please Dhan try to bring out better backoffice reports. Thanks.

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@PravinJ @Anirudha ,

If backend reports can be integrated to Quicko, it also ensures that no IT use case (Long Term P&L, Short Term P&L, Intraday P&L, F&O P&L, Turnover, Dividend, Charges) is left out.


Is this sorted now. You just can’t waste time in typing pdf contract notes in excel or pay unnecessary money to CA to find basic details like STT, Brokerage, etc.?

I thought this platform wanted us to trade and not work like a data operator !!

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Hi @yachna Welcome to the Dhan community!

This has already been picked up, will be sorted shortly.
You can be rest assured, filing returns for this FY will be seamless.


Thanks Shrimohan. A reference can be taken from Fyers or Zerodha reports. Taxation is a very important part of this.

I have just moved to this platform and this is a big gap. Please get this sorted. I will wait for next few weeks and decide.

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Hi @yachna @Chillax28 @t7support @hardshock we are now integrated with Quicko for easy tax planning & filing. Read more on this here - Quicko and Dhan partner up to provide Tax Planning and Filing for investors and traders

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Hi Shrimohan,

Can you please share from when can I get this report as per your earlier assurance?


Hi @yachna just a few couple of fixes and it would be launched soon. Possibly by next week.

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Hello !!

Any updates please?


Hi @yachna apologies for the delay here. We got a few bugs while developing this, fixing them on priority. We will inform you as soon as it is done.

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So post this , the ATGS year end statement will be resent right @iamshrimohan

@pavz Sending AGTS within 30 days post FY closing is a mandatory step by SEBI. So we would not be re-sending that again. However, we would be plugging in the AGTS on the Statements and Reports section so that users can fetch as and when required.

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