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Hi all,

We are excited to share that Dhan users can now use the AlgoTest platform to deploy their trading strategies hassle free that too without any coding knowledge!

So what is AlgoTest?

AlgoTest is a do-it-yourself platform where you can build, test and deploy your trading strategies, all without having to write any code! That’s right, Algo Trading with no coding knowledge required!

Here are some of our offerings loved by the traders:

Backtesting: Our affordable yet extremely powerful backtester gives you the results of a 6-year backtest within a few seconds! Want to understand how your strategy did during the covid crash? Or during the corporate tax cut crazy bullish candle in 2019? Use our backtester to find out!

Paper-trading: Once you have found a strategy that was profitable in the past with good backtest results, how can you be sure it will continue to work in the future? Use our paper-trading platform to virtually trade that strategy with realtime market data! This is called forward testing. If the results of paper-trading are close to the backtest results, it is time to deploy the strategy to the live market!

Live deployment: All you need to do is connect your Dhan account to AlgoTest by going here (AlgoTest - Free Backtesting Options Trading Strategies in India), clicking on Dhan, and following the instructions. Once Dhan is connected, login to Dhan via AlgoTest, click “Activate” next to a saved strategy, and you’re on your way! Algo Trading without having to write a single line of code!

AlgoTest is backed by YCombinator, one of the world’s most renowned startup accelerators, and is trusted by top traders like Vivek Gadodia, ITJegan, and many more!

Looking forward to getting feedback from the Dhan community members on our product and trying the AlgoTest platform.


Founder, AlgoTest


Hi @raghav-algotest ,

Welcome to the Dhan community :slight_smile:

Excited about our integration with AlgoTest :zap:

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