Introducing: Pre-Authorization for EDIS

Selling more than Single-Stock? Now you can do so seamlessly by taking pre-authorization for your CDSL EDIS on Dhan

At Dhan, we always are in pursuit to provide the best possible investing & trading experience to our users. As we continue to ship many products & features, we also keep upgrading the experience of many existing ones.

Many of our users have shared with us their suggestions to make the selling journey on Dhan seamless. Until now, in Dhan, you had to put a T-pin while selling any of your holdings in the first transaction. While this takes a few moments, it also increases the chances of users missing out on intended prices if they wanted to sell and don’t have a T-PIN handy.

This is because as per regulations, CDSL mandates you to put in the TPIN and OTP, for authorizing the debit of securities from your Demat account during the sale transaction.

We have now upgraded this experience. We are glad to introduce Pre-Authorization for EDIS now on Dhan - this makes the selling process seamless and easy, as good as buying & trading experience on Dhan is!

Once you pre-authorize the sale of your stocks at the beginning of each trading day. You don’t have to re-enter the TPin process anytime during the sell order on that day.

How to use Pre-Authorization of EDIS on Dhan:

To make it further simpler for you, we are also broadcasting the status of your EDIS on the Dhan app. If the transactions are authorized you will see the same on App in Green, or else this will be in Amber. You will also find this option under the Manage Portfolio section of the app.

For authorization, you will receive the CDSL TPIN on your registered mobile number and email address. In case you don’t receive it or forgot your TPIN, you can generate it here (please note the URL for reference).

We are sure that Pre-EDIS authorization is going to be a lot beneficial for our investors, and will majorly help in the timely order placements. We will be coming up with more features in the coming weeks, and do let us know if your suggestions and feedback on this.

Important Note: TPIN Authorisation will be applicable only for a day.

Presently Pre-Authorization of EDIS is available on the Dhan app and will be coming soon on the too.



@Kiran ,

my portofolio eDIS status is green!


Please provide some feature to turn the portfolio also in green!



What’s new in this? I still have to authorize daily.

Hi @nity

Yes, you still have to authorize it daily, but we have tried to simplify the process more.

make it available on tv.dhan soon

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Pre-Authorisation for EDIS is now live on Dhan web as well (