Introducing Trader’s Best Friend: Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan

Is there a plan for TSL to be visible on Tradingview charts in real time? At present, it does not appear on the charts and seems like it doesn’t work well for MCX options.

Visibility on TV charts will improve user experience and assure users that it is tracking well.

Also, it will allow users to cancel TSL quickly as orders sometimes cannot be squared off when TSL is in place. Right now you have to go to the orders tab in the app and cancel TSL Manually.
Occasionally if the position is squared off on TV, TSL still persists on the Order page which may trigger freak trades.

Question: I love this feature but rather making us calculated the trigger and stop loss. Would it be possible to just add points and it automatically calculate? Like 25 points stop loss so it would put current market prices - 25 points.

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