Introducing Upsurge - Learning Finance made Easy for everyone

Finance should not be stressful, complex, or boring. And with us, it won’t be. Ever!

At Upsurge we’re making finance fun, simple, and rewarding through our engaging courses, expert live sessions, and interesting bite-sized content. If you’ve ever wanted to know your finance better, the time is now and the place is Upsurge.

With Upsurge, you’ll be able to:

:brain: Learn finance the fun way. No fluff. No jargon. No confusion!

:iphone: Access courses through modern reels & bite-sized content.

:handshake: Interact with experts through interactive sessions and webinars.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Become financially savvy by learning how to do.

:speech_balloon: Engage with like-minded community members.

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Pratik Bajaj,
Founder - Upsurge

Note: Upsurge is part of Raise Financial Services, that owns and manages your favourite trading & investing platform - Dhan.


Welcome to the community @Pratik !

Looking forward to take the awesome content the team has been building!

I am sure Dhan’s community members and users are going to be immensely benefitted by it.

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Are you guys releasing app as well?

Hi, we are at first launching on web, we look forward to coming out with an app in the near future.

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Hello Pratik Sir. I just enrolled now in one of the courses on upsurge. I accessed it on my tablet and found it very cumbersome on a browser.

The controls on the video interface aren’t that good. There isn’t an option to to rewind or forward as is in YouTube or other edtech platforms. Dragging the seek bar is the only way to go behind and ahead while watching video.

Moreover after the first video is finished while watching in full screen, for the next video, one has to minimise the video and then switch to the next video which again doesn’t autoplay, and requires a click on play :arrow_forward: button. Well again the playing video needs to be maximised for immersive learnings.

Why no development in these department, when the platform was launched in the month of July 2022?

Please look into this and upgrade the website to an application too, which will make the access easier for the learners. Thank you :pray: