Introducing Webhook Alerts : Direct Order Placements on TradingView from Dhan

No. Still facing the same issue. I raised a ticket again today. Lets see when does the Dhan team responds.

@Tushyuv seems they have not resolved it till now. I tried putting limit order instead of market. I even put investing order instead of intraday, still the order is placed in futures. I dont know how much time will they take to correct it. @Naman @RahulDeshpande @shraddha Please help out. It has been 3 days and no response from your side

Any luck on finding a way for stoploss @Jitesh

Hello @Jitesh

Can you check and confirm whether you are still facing this issue where your orders are being converted? Let me know!

Hello @yashbindlish

This can be handled if you are hands-on with Pinescript. You can place simultaneous alerts on which gets triggered when your conditions are met, even for target and stop loss.

For example, if your target is 100 points up and stop loss 100 points down, then you can define this in pinescript that when your initial condition is met, subsequently two other alerts are created for price points at 100 point difference on both the sides. Both of these alerts will generate the same order which is to square off your initial position. Unfortunately, I cannot help you with a direct code example here, but if someone from the community might, that will be great.

@Hardik thanks hardik. Happy to code this in pinescript. But unfortunately, it will not work for options as there we don’t get premium price. Best option that i see today is through bracket order, but again that is currently not supported in Dhan.

Hi @Hardik . The issue seems to be resolved now. Thanks!

@Hardik [URGENT ] I am using DhanWeb site, still dont see Tradingview Webhook at menu at What should I do? How I will get Webhook URL?

@9768169116 It’s now moved to Orders page since the new direct option order update to webhooks

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Do you have WhatsApp group


We do not have any specific WhatsApp group, you can join us on our social media platforms for regular updates Twitter, Telegram

@ABHISHEK1990 we have a WhatsApp channel, join here - WhatsApp चॅनलचे आमंत्रण

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Does PineScript extend its features to platforms like for advanced trading analysis and functionalities?

No. TV doesn’t give pine scripting feature to third parties like brokers.