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Excited to be part of the Dhan community, now Dhan users can invest in Niveshaay’s smallcase and begin their wealth-creation journey with us.

Introduction of the company

Niveshaay (in Hindi translates to income from investments) is a SEBI Registered Boutique Investment Advisory Firm with a Dedicated Research Team. Our core focus is on small-mid cap companies which have the potential of giving outsized returns in the long term. Our process of Research-Based Investing with Scuttlebutt Approach has helped us to find companies that have delivered great returns.

The firm believes in the philosophy of ‘Think the Entrepreneur Way’ and gives utmost importance to the Scuttlebutt Approach. Our returns are primarily driven by Qualitative and Quantitative Research with an iota of luck. Interaction with various entrepreneurs across the country helps us to understand different business models in great detail and gain insights from them on the current happenings of the industry. This process sets us apart in the industry and has enabled us to generate reasonable returns over the years. Trust us in our wealth creation journey as we’ll continue to stick to our process and give one hundred percent always.

Our Founder - Arvind Kothari

CFA (US), CA, CWA, B.Com

He is the founder and director at Niveshaay. Over 12 years of experience in Equity Research. He started his journey as an Industry Research Analyst at ICICI group. After working for 2 years in industry research and observing how motivated and complex it was for end investors, he set up his own research team.

Niveshaay has a firm belief that taking entrepreneurial calls works better than questioning quarterly performance like an analyst and has developed that culture throughout the enterprise.

Product offerings

Keeping our strategy and philosophy at the core. We curated four smallcases

1. Mid and small-cap Foucused Portfolio

This is our flagship portfolio, we have covered stocks that are available at a reasonable valuation and have huge earning potential upside. The portfolio comprises a basket of 15-20 small and mid-cap-focused stocks with great business potential.

Recommended Investment Amount > 5 Lakh

2. Green Energy

This is a thematic portfolio (means focused on some specific trend in the market), which will get benefit from the energy transition.

Energy transition refers to the global energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption including oil, natural gas, and coal, to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, as well as other sources like biofuels.

Recommended Investment Amount > 3 Lakh

3. China plus One - India Rising!

China, known as the ‘World’s factory’ has been the center of global supply chains in the last few decades. In the last two years, changing geopolitics started this trend of diversifying the supply chain. COVID-19 escalated the adoption of this strategy.

Now, this trend looks structural and persistent. Around 30% of global manufacturing ($4 tn) happens in China. A survey by UBS suggests that 20-30% of manufacturing will be leaving from China. India is the most likely candidate to benefit from this situation owing to its competative advantage in various industries.

Recommended Investment Amount > 3 Lakh

4. Trends Trilogy

This smallcase is a classic blend of the two main school of thought in the equity markets- Fundamental and Technical Analysis, giving you the best of both worlds. Fundamental analysis will help us to pick the right company and technical analysis will provide the correct entry and exit timings considering the earnings visibility.

Most importantly, this blended approach helps us to avoid bias, build conviction and ride the trend for a long period of time. Hence, it would be a concentrated portfolio comprising 13-15 stocks.

Recommended Investment Amount > 5 Lakh

Looking forward to welcoming Dhan investors to try out niveshaay’s smallcases and engaging in fun conversations around markets and more with the community members.

Arvind Kothari | Founder - Niveshaay


Welcome to the Dhan Community ! @Arvindkothari

Thanks for a detailed post on the community on niveshaay’s smallcases. I am sure our community members will be benefitted by it.

We are looking forward to your constant contribution to the Dhan community and investing community in India at large.

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Hi All,

All the dhan users can now avail 40% off on all the Niveshaay smallcases through the Dhan app :rocket:

Just apply the following code : NIADHAN40

Hello @RahulDeshpande
Has this offer expired ? If so, let me know if any discount for any other the smallcase

Hi @NaveenSelvaraj

Welcome to the Dhan community.

Yes the code was applicable for only one month. We will keep you informed about all the latest webinars and if our smallcase manager partners plan on giving the codes.

FYI: We have planned a webinar with Alok Jain, Weekend Investing on 23rd May, will share with you the details in short while.

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Hi @NaveenSelvaraj

We have announced the second webinar with Momentum Investing - Part 02.

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