Kindly consider Sell legs first when Exit All positions

  1. Kindly consider Sell legs first when Exit All positions
  2. Kindly give an option in basket to have a reverse positions in a newly created basket.
  3. If possible , give Analyse option in basket as well.
    Most of the time , exit all does not work , it requires multiple iterations to exit all positions , which does not serve the purpose.
    @PravinJ FYI @Dhan_Help

:+1: Also if order size is more than freeze quantity, Exit all positions fail. Please tie this to iceberg order system so that order gets auto sliced and placed when Exit all positions button is clicked.



When exiting short & long positions together, kindly ensure that short positions are exited before longs.

Kindly look into it.
For regular traders, its inconveniencing.

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Hello @jacharjya1978, @t7support and @som079

This might be difficult technically and affect order execution speed, as we send all the orders directly on our order servers and into our RMS. The RMS processes each orders individually while executing, so we might need to put this condition before order servers. Will evaluate this with team if this can be built without affecting execution speed.

Yes, we are planning basket updates and considered these points. They are on roadmap, maybe with a different experience but achieving same endgoal.

We have already built this, and slice orders should work with Exit all. Let us know if you’re facing issues with this.

@Hardik Thanks for responding .
On the first point , if we manually choose sell legs first in first iteration , then wait for get them executed , then come back to exit the BUY legs in second iteration , it rather add more delay to accomplish the final goal to exit all positions.
So, it’s something segregate the sell legs programmatically not something a tech challenge or add substantial delay.
Otherwise the exit all feature not meant to be what it supposed to be.
Many brokers has those basics implemented.
Thanks again.

Hello @Hardik
Reg existing sell leg before exiting buy leg.

Its a necessary feature, for active traders, and as pointed out by others, its available in the market already with other brokers.

Kindly look into adding it in Dhan too.

@t7support @Hardik - Is ‘Exit All’ now tied to order slicing or not yet please?

As @jacharjya1978 noted if we have to manually select all the sell legs first and exit followed by all buy legs then it is adding extra delay at our end.

In the current avatar of exit all I guess you already have a piece of code before the RMS to send all orders for exit. I guess u just need an extra piece of code to first send all the sell legs and then the buy legs. Any extra delay incurred here would be significantly less than the delay we face when we do this manually. So my vote is for implementing this feature and it would be very helpful.

Last week I faced this issue. This week didn’t try. When was this feature implemented at Dhan end ?

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You could add the exit positions to a basket, or give an option to create exit basket for current position and puting sell order in top for exit, this will save the trouble of creating a basket to exit all or selected positions. Thanks.

Hello @t7support @pratik01 @som079 @fastrizwaan

Yes, it is. You shouldn’t face any issue here. @t7support whenever you do check, let us know. Will look into this if it’s not working

Yes, I agree that this will be helpful but would build only when it doesn’t affect execution speed. Again, as said, will definitely evaluate this.

Something on this is already is in works for basket upgradation. Will release that soon.

@jacharjya1978 I too have this same problem. But for saving time and MTM, I logon to 2 devices so from web i can exit short position and from mobile i can exit buy position. This is how i’m currently doing, it’s hectic but does the job.

@Hardik I too want this feature to make this process easier.

@Hardik checked today. It is not working…orders failed due to freeze limit issue.


Alright, will check this. Can you confirm of you are using “Exit all” button to exit all open positions or selecting some of the positions and then clicking “Exit selected positions”?

Used Exit all to close all open positions yesterday around 3:15 pm. But it didn’t work. I had Banknnifty calls and puts, 84 lots each which I wanted to exit.

Hi @Hardik
Any luck with implementing the exit sell pos before buy pos when using “exit selected position” on multiple positions?

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Much needed. Pls fix. Exit all is currently useful only if we have quantities below freeze limits and if we don’t have hedge legs. This diminishes the utility of this feature significantly.

@Hardik a fix would be much appreciated.

Hello @t7support

We already have implemented Order Slicing and sending Sell Orders before Buy Orders, when exiting via “Exit All”.

If you are still facing issues here, let me know. Will connect and troubleshoot this.

This is not working. U can easily test this out at your end.