Lines drawn on chart are not being saved

I have an open position in Ircon International. In Ircon 1 image, I had drawn the specific geometric applications which I later deleted. Then I had drawn something different like Ircon 2 image. I did this couple of days back. Since then, every time I log out from my account & next day when I log in again, I can’t see the drawings that is in Ircon 2 image. Every time, it is like there is in Ircon 1 image which I deleted ago & definitely saved the chart. But still nothing.
Please help me short out the issue.

Hi @aritra

As discussed on call, in order to save chart drawings, you must wait at least 15 seconds or hit Ctrl+S.

Further, if you face this again please do connect with us for a quick response at

@PravinJ @Naman @RahulDeshpande @Divyesh

I am also facing the similar issues and want to highlight it in this thread. I have drawn a support line in HDFCBANK chart, drawn another line in ICICIBANK and refreshed the page. Unfortunately, I don’t see the lines drawn after refreshing the page. As @Divyesh suggested, I tried hitting the Ctrl+S being in HDFCBANK chart and observed that it is saving the whole “Chart Layout”. The drawings in other company charts are still getting erased.

I replicated the same in my Fyers account and I did not find any issues. In Fyers, the drawings are getting saved automatically without saving the whole Chart Layout and also the drawings are available even after page refresh and re-login.

Let me know in case you want me to demonstrate the issue in a call by sharing screen, I am happy to do so.

Thank you!

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Whenever now-a-days I face the issue, I just turn to trading view software.

Hi @ravi_krishna,

As per our discussion on call, request you to send the required details at our team will review this.

Hello @Poornima,

Thank you for calling to understand my concern in-detail, I appreciate the quick response. Post my office hours, I tried recording the video but surprisingly I didn’t see the issue anymore. Not sure if I had overlooked it last time or the issue is resolved in meantime. You can consider this issue as resolved, thank you!

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Hi @ravi_krishna,

Thanks for confirmation.

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